Chapel Of Grace

Welcome to Chapel of Grace

We’ve got strong faith in God and soft hearts for one another. Come join us this Sunday and experience God’s love afresh!


Plan your visit

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Who we are

We began in 2006 as a fellowship in a community centre and, since then, we’ve grown to become a close-knit group that keeps growing by the day! Pastor Olu Ayeni and Pastor Oyin Ayeni lead our church with the strong support of other pastors, ministers, and workers.


What we believe in

Chapel of Grace is shaped by three core values all underpinned by love. We love God by letting Him guide our daily lives. We show that we love Him by obeying Him, and, every day, we look to express His love in our interactions with one another. At Chapel of Grace, you’re sure to feel like you’re a part of a lovely family.


We believe in miracles and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We believe in God’s Word as the standard for our faith in Christ, and we believe in the Trinity. We’re not afraid to profess our faith in our daily lives, as we believe that Christ has called us to represent Him not just in our utterances but also through our lifestyle.


What to expect on Sunday

Worship Jesus Christ

We gather for two hours each Sunday at 10:30AM to worship Jesus Christ with uplifting songs, prayer, giving, testimonies, and a sermon which we receive from the preacher of the day. If you have children, you can drop them off at the age-appropriate classes we have for them in the church.

We begin our worship on Sunday with a short meeting for all workers at 9:00AM. We then have a Bible study session for various age groups at 9:50AM before our main service starts at 10:30AM. Please feel free to wear comfortable clothing to worship with us.